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How to pick cherries

Pick the cherries you desire, leave unripe ones as they don't ripen off the tree. Taste testing in moderation is allowed.


We recommend wearing enclosed shoes with a flat sole and you bring a hat, sunscreen and insect repellant.


Cherry picking is easy and only requires you to twist the stalk and the base with your thumb and index (1st) finger and it will come away from the tree cleanly. Scissors or other cutting devices are not required or permitted.


Remember to only pick what you intend to pay for, a bucket which is provided holds approx 5 to 6 kilograms when full. If you need extra buckets we have plenty available.


Our buckets are lined with a green fruit box liner to keep your cherries clean and once weighed, we will transfer it to a cardboard carton for safe travelling. We recommend you keep them in a shady spot and put them in the fridge when you get home ( that's if you don't eat them all on the trip home!! )


Commercial 2kg and 5kg boxes are available to purchase if required.


If you have more friends and relatives than cherries you can pick, we can supply pre picked cherries to go.

Important - Ripping branches, limbs and souveniring 'pretty' arms of fruit is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. You may be asked to leave if you damage the trees, as next years fruit come under the buds of this seasons cherries.



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